UDAY BENEGAL: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
SANKARSHAN KINI: Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Percussion, Vocals
ASHWIN ANDREW: Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Whirling Kalapas is an acoustic pop band comprising Uday Benegal, Sankarshan "Shanks" Kini and Ashwin "Fufu" Andrew. Their sound is vocally rich and instrumentally ecelctic, incorporating acoustic guitars, violin, mandolin, keyboard samples, the occasional drum kit, shakers, bells, shells and any object they feel would fit into one of their songs.

Uday, best known as the frontman of the rock band Indus Creed, with whom he still performs and has released four albums, is also a part-time glutton who gets paid to write about food, for which his enthusiasm some find disturbing. Multi-instrumentalist Shanks is a veteran session musician who plays with Bombay Acoustic People and Passenger Revelator when he isn't gathering coffee beans or devouring piggy parts. Ashwin is a bass guitarist trained in classical piano but prefers to play drums with such acts as Passenger Revalator and Suraj Jagan when he isn't learning Gurgaon rap hits. All three love to sing their hearts out, which they do in perfect sync. They also love to invite guests with unique talents and unusual instruments to perform with them.

Whirling Kalapas are a rich addition to India’s current indie explosion, especially for audiences looking beyond the volume-driven sounds of rock and electronic acts. This is cerebral and fun music for the thinking listener who loves to dance.




Sometimes it feels like the world has gone into a tailspin
Everyone rushing to places they never get
I've been running away from this town for 1200 years now
But it feels as if I never left

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Looking For The Mahatma

Another smack down in the wadi
Another brother for whom to feel sorry
Just a face upon a picture
Somebody's father, somebody's sister

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Don't Laugh At The Sun

I'm caught in the thought again
How must it feel to be freewheeling like a tree frog
Running riot upon a limb
Head to the wind, chasing a pink gin while juggling a molotov

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Grim tales by fairy lights
We sat mesmerised, mesmerised
Dancing iridescence in your eyes
Like fireflies

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Management: Mixtape
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